Max International Diamond Retreat 2020/21: The Maldives

Amazing Memories Made In Maldives

2020 was, on a global scale, a turbulent year. Max’s major lifestyle events had to wait. But, the Max Family persevered, created solutions, and kept pushing forward. Not only did we survive, undivided we thrived. And, after necessary patience and delays, and through a lot of persistence and planning by Max’s Amazing VP Director Global Events & Recognition, Jennie Neff,  the Diamonds landed in another exquisite Diamond Retreat Destination.

From the capital city Malé, the 25-minute boat ride chartered Diamonds and their guests, and CEO, Joe Voyticky, and other corporate personnel to the breathtaking location reserved exclusively for Max’s most prestigious reward: The Four Seasons Resort in Kuda Hurra, Maldives. On a scale of 1 to 10, The Four Seasons is a Five Star dream destination that delivers a perfect 100.

From start to finish Max Diamonds shined.

Check out and share the video that highlights the amazing adventures and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, including scenes from:

  • Opening dinner, special welcome by Joe Voyticky addressing Max’s distinguished guests, and the highly anticipated launch of Diamond Retreat Maldives
  • The spectacular Four Seasons Resort complete with private bungalows, beaches, pools, seascape views, World-class accommodations, and more exquisite surprises
  • Survivor: two teams, fierce competitions, hidden idols, tribal councils, prizes, teamwork, camaraderie, Max Most Valuable Players, beach games and a whole lotta FUN!
  • A floating armada of Max Diamonds escorted by dolphins through the turquoise sea to explore the beautiful coral reef and marine life that thrive beneath the pristine surface, and all the fun that goes with all of these treasures
  • Max Gives Back: Maldives, leaving a destination even better than before by helping regenerate the vital coral reef hampered by climate change
  • Spectacular sunset farewell on the beach where Diamonds from all over the world celebrated success and a renewed energy and commitment towards bringing Max Health and Financial opportunities to people all over the world.

Next stop: Ireland and Italy in 2022!

The Max Lifestyle: Satisfaction Guaranteed

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