Save Money With Max’s Updated Quarterly AutoShip

Available August 1 in the Following Markets:
Oceania ~ North America ~ Puerto Rico

The Updated Max Quarterly Autoship* Now Saves you Money, is Convenient, and Gives You Peace of Mind

Beginning August 1, 2021

The New Quarterly AutoShip

Now when you place a Quarterly Autoship** order,  you purchase it in full at the time you place it, and Max will ship it in one easy shipment with only one fee, not three.

Then, in addition to the shipment cost-saving, for your convenience, the PV and CV from your order will be divided by three, then distributed equally towards monthly Commissionable Volume and Personal Volume requirements for earning commissions and/or carry forward volume for a total of three months.

You choose the month to start and the CV And PV will be divided in that month and the two months to consecutively follow.

Cost Savings ~ More Exceptional Value ~ MAXimum Assurance

With Max’s Reformatted Quarterly Autoship you:

  • Continue to enjoy Max’s premium-quality products at our most exclusive rate
  • Save money with the once-quarterly shipment – one fee,  not three!
  • Placing One order saves you time
  • Experience the convenience of processing your order and payment  once and  have CV and PV applied to three months to help ensure you meet monthly Commissionable Volume and Personal Volume requirements for team commissions and/or carry-forward

*Existing Quarterly AutoShips will be updated to the reformatted Autoship starting August 1, 2021

**Autoship must have a:

  • Minimum of at least 50 PV/ CV per product.
  • Minimum of three products

Save Money with 1 Ship Fee, Not 3

Secure Your Volume in Advance Three Months at a Time

Choose The Convenience of Max’s Newly Updated Quarterly Autoship

We Are Max

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