GHANA GET READY! Max Mobile Money Purchasing Is Here!

Max Mobile Money Purchasing Is Here!

Now You Can Use Your Phone to Purchase Max Products by Setting Up an MTN** Mobile Money Account

Mobile Money is an electronic bank account you set up on your phone to conveniently and securely purchase your Max Products.

*Available only in Ghana at this time
**Additional carriers are being considered for possible options in the future

Mobile Money:

  • Is Convenient
  • Turns your phone into a digital wallet
  • Requires no formal bank
  • Allows you to securely store money on your phone
  • Makes it Possible for you to purchase Max Products with your phone

To purchase Max products using Mobile Money, you must first set up your personal MTN Mobile Money account on your phone

Click on one of the following links to install the MTN Mobile App, then follow the instructions:



Once you set up your MTN account on your phone you have the convenience of placing and purchasing your Max orders from almost anywhere at any time!

How to Use Mobile Money to Purchase Max Products

Go to

  • Go to Shop
  • Shop as You Normally Do
  • When you’re ready to purchase your order, proceed to your cart
  • Choose Mobile Money for your preferred payment method
  • Follow the instructions.
  • When instructed, enter:
    • Your mobile money bank account number
    • Your telephone number
  • Wait for an automated code to be sent to your phone
  • When prompted to, for verification, enter the automated code
  • Confirm Your Order

We value your feedback and thank you for your input.

As you utilize this new purchasing method, if you encounter any problems, experience any difficulties, or have trouble with any of the functionality, please email, describe your issue in detail, and include screenshots whenever possible.

Set Up Max Mobile Money and MAXimize Your Time

Be Ready
Mobile Money!

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