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Max International Medical Symposium Series, Part 3
Medical Education Presentation: Max Products and Formulation

To those of you who attended the exclusive broadcast of our third installment in Max’s virtual Medical Series, thank you for joining us for the premiere of part 3. We are confident that the experience was an educational one and that the program provided beneficial and important information that helps further your knowledge of the integrity of Max and the products we promote.

As we continue to introduce Max’s Premiere Products to peoples and cultures around the world, we expect that every consumer decidedly investing in nutritional supplements, especially in light of today’s global environment and concerns, expects and accepts products that deliver the highest value formulation, that are designed with no compromise resulting in the very best glutathione-enhancing products in the world. Without pause, we are prepared to offer consumers information and access to the evidence, proof, and scientific data we have to absolutely support that fact.  

To maximize your efforts to introduce others to Max products and to contribute to your ability to be even more ready for questions that may come your way, we’re providing you with ON DEMAND access and the link to this exceptional, professional, and straightforward program as presented by the members of the Max Science team Dr. Scott Nagasawa executive Director of Product Research and Scott Momii Executive Director of Product Management.

Please share so that more people can benefit from Max’s proven and effective products.

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