Exciting News: Virtual Office Welcome Portal 2.0 Has Been Released!

Be Ready: the next round of downloadable content has been provided for you to utilize strategically and efficiently to build your business.

THRIVE Convention Page 

  • Opening Music Video
  • CEO Joe Voyticky’s motivational call to action
    • Incorporate this into your presentations when prospecting or training new team members 
  • The universally inspiring Keynote address by Lennox Sessi  
    • A life changing message about overcoming challenges and never giving up
    • Powerful and universally relevant presentation that resonates for everyone. everywhere and that transcends time

Building the Business Page

  • Max Business Opportunity Presentation and Training Video

Marketing Resources

  • Product logo artwork

Health Care Professional Updates

  • Proper protocol for interacting with healthcare professionals by Bobbi Horne
    • How to Expand your reach to this critical demographic
  • HCP Testimonials

Events and Recognition Page

  • A showcase of highlights from Max’s most prestigious, once-in-a-lifetime reward trips captures the excitement and the elation of Associates and attendees 
  • Associate Testimonials

Super Events Video

  • See highlights of the once-in-a-lifetime reward trips, the positive vibes, and comradery.

And much more!

Your Welcome Portal 2.0 provides a variety of even more Visual tools, training, and resources.


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