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Road to Gold Recap

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Silver* Associates Awarded with Exclusiv
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Day 1: Tagaytay, Philippines- Recreation Destination

Max International awarded newly-ranked, qualifying Silver Associates to a 2-day excursion in breathtaking Tagaytay Highlands for Philippines’ Road to Gold – an exclusive Max training event and adventure-filled retreat. 

After 2 years of travel restrictions, Associates celebrated this chance to get away and made the most of their well-deserved reward. Day 1’s agenda was full and included:

  • Picture-taking 
  • A hearty lunch
  • A trip to a farm
  • A stop at the highest altitude in Tagaytay Highlands

AND last for the afternoon but not least:
A trip to the bowling alley for some more fun — and a chance for Associates to show some competitive spirit  

At sundown, the Associates arrived dressed in gold-themed attire.  It was a glamorous night that included:

  • Max Idol – a talent show by Max Associates!
  • A Best Dressed Stars of Night portion for the best dressed in gold theme.
  • A Max Who? game for Associates to learn more about each other.

Throughout the evening, Diamond leaders shared best practices, tips for success, and words of encouragement. With determination and confidence soaring, Day 1 ended with a lot of dancing and bonding among the Associates.

Day 2- Training For Success

Guest speaker Tinette Cortes opened the exclusive training session. She began with an exercise that encouraged mental focus and preparation. Additionally, she discussed the importance of overcoming challenges, limiting beliefs, and the achiever’s attitude.

Silver Associates completed an exercise of identifying their goals and the necessary steps to achieving those goals.  Triple Diamond Gren Guadamor shared his Max Why and some of his best practices. He inspired attendees and said if he can achieve his goals, everyone can.

Additional training by other Diamonds included:

Training 1: Why Gold Level

Training 2: The Gold Mindset

Training 3: Planning and Implementing A Successful Event

Training 4: Strengthening Your Max Skills

Training 5: Mentoring and Plan of Action

Coming out strong, the second day ended with Max International Vice President for Asia, Joey Sarmiento sharing words of affirmation before awarding Silver Associate attendees their Road to Gold “Certificate of Attendance”.
* Who met all Road to Gold requirements

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