It all began on Saturday, October 10, 2020. Faced with a worldwide challenge and collective tension, we needed an epic change, some grand interjection. So we charted our course, set our trajectory, and prepared a Max – Styled Event.
Then we did it – we launched it –

The Max International Global Convention 2020: UnDivided

It all ended on October 23
And It Was Spectacular!

From Asia to Africa, over to Latin America, up to North America and Max Corporate, then finally down to Oceania – we captured each Region’s flare and shared the cultural energy of all our Max markets. We hit our target. We made our mark.

Max Family members around the globe watched the showcase of  World-Class Recognition, Global Award Winners, Diamond Presentations, Keynote Speakers, Stories of Inspiration and Motivation, Max Talent, Corporate Updates, and the surprise appearance by Dr. Herb Nagasawa that prompted even more UnDivided callouts and conversations taking place throughout each Convention.

Max staged a universal celebration and launched a legendary intervention. All of this we did for you;  and all of our success we owe to you – our amazing Max Associates! In solidarity, we proudly proved we are a strong family and a global force.

We Are Max. We Are One. And We Are UnDivided!

Go Global From Wherever You Are
Revisit Each Convention

Remember To
Share to Support Your Success

Experience the Dynamic and Diverse World of Max
Live the Excitement of Max 2020: UnDivided

Max Asia

Philippines / Singapore / Malaysia

Motivation with Chris and Tammy Gingras. Incredible Keynote Training with Francis Kong. World Class Recognition, Awards, and More!

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Max Africa

Ghana / Côte d’Ivoire / Nigeria

Recognition, Special Awards, Training
Talent, Reveals, and More!

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Max Latin America

Colombia / Costa Rica / Dominican Republic / Ecuador / El Salvador / Guatemala / Puerto Rico

Exciting Reveals, Recognition, Awards, Surprise Presentations.

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Max North America

United States / Canada / Puerto Rico / Corporate

Special Corporate Announcements! Exciting Reveals, Recognition, Keynote Speaker, Awards, Top-Notch Training, Updates, Entertainment, Max’s Got Talent.

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Max Oceania

Australia / New Zealand / Fiji

Exciting Reveals, Recognition, Awards, KeyNote Speaker, Top-Notch Training, Updates, Entertainment, Surprise Presentations, Corporate Updates

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In the years before he created RiboCeine™, Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa was steadfast and committed – driven by a dream, dedicated to discovering a way for cells to produce the master antioxidant Glutathione. He persevered, remained focused, and he kept trying. Finally, after years of meticulous, methodical scientific work, he did what he set out to do and engineered RiboCeine™.

During convention week he gifted us with an amazing surprise and joined the celebration to share his legacy. Lucky for all of us that he was with us! He was UnDivided.

Watch, download, share, and enjoy what he had to say.



Francis Kong is a prominent, influential, successful, respected and revered entrepreneur, broadcaster, writer, achiever, and motivational speaker. Listen and learn as he shares his wealth of experience and knowledge about the critical variables needed to create success in the important aspects of our lives. He gives valuable insight into the fulfilling and meaningful ways to achieve personal growth and your desired goals.

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Dean Brenner, Principal of the Latimer Group, has an exceptional understanding of the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur, leader, manager, and more. Mr. Brenner has valuable insight into the nuances of highly effective communication. Revisit his presentation to improve your listening and communications skills. The info he provides will surprise you – it goes beyond what we think we know!

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During our Max International Global Convention Week 2020: UnDivided, you, our Max Associates, carried out the Max tradition of selecting candidates for Max’s Global Awards. Each Associate who participated in the voting chose an Associate(s) who was thought to be the most deserving of the award. To follow are the Global Award Winners in each category.

2020. Wow. It’s been a crazy, unpredictable, roller coaster ride of a year. But, in classic Max Style, these Global Award Winners have maintained momentum, persevered, stayed connected, remained focused, and have continued to successfully carry out the Max Mission.  Congratulations again and thank you for your exemplary leadership and commitment.

We Are Max. We Are One. And We Are Undivided.

Max International Is More

We are dreamers who dare;  humanitarians who help; entrepreneurs who care. Oceans may keep us apart. Mountains may separate us. Continents may contain us. But nothing we have faced in this year or any other can break our impenetrable bond or destroy our loyal spirit.

Founded on compassion, built on trust, fortified with integrity, strengthened by our selfless generosity, and united by an inspiring vision, Max International is more than just a company.

We are a diverse community. We are a family. And we are more than proud of it. We remain connected for now, for the future, forever.

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We Are Max. We Are One. And We are Undivided.